About Us

About Us

High quality. American made products.

Since 1988, Omnitec Design has been designing and manufacturing air purification equipment. Our equipment has become one of the industry’s leading brands and the first choice for mold, asbestos, and odor abatement projects in commercial and residential premises, sanitation of patient rooms and hospital facilities, and in restoration and first response to natural disasters.

In 2014, in response to the needs of indoor growers, Omnitec created the line of Agriair® with an advanced technology, to address the overlooked importance of air quality and sanitation in indoor grow facilities.  Like all other Omnitec Design machines, Agriair® equipment is manufactured to the highest quality standards and performance to help indoor growers meet increasing compliance requirements for product purity, air quality  and a healthy work environment.

All of our equipment is proudly manufactured in the USA, and tested by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) to ensure that the product in your hands is safe and reliable.


Hear what our customers say about Agriair® equipment:

“We were also impressed with Agriair® purifiers ability to mitigate odors inside and around the exterior of the grow space. As an added bonus: we experienced zero mold build up in our air handler!

In this new era of exponentially expanding plant pathogens affecting medical and recreational cannabis, the Agriair® peroxide generators are the answer to insuring that the airborne environment is as sterile as possible.”


Richard Crommelin,
Manager, Roots Garden Supply