Cannabis Grow Rooms

Cannabis Grow Rooms

Air Purifiers for indoor cannabis growing facilities

We know that running a successful commercial cannabis grow operation is tricky and has numerous added challenges. There are added burdens for growers such as odor limitations, ever evolving testing by various regulatory agencies, enormous energy expenses and naturally occurring bio-hazards threatening your yields, to name a few. While additional huddles will continue to arise, Agriair® can help resolve some key issues and provide a piece of mind.

Cannabis Odor Control

A major challenge for indoor cannabis growing facilities is the eradication of odors. Regulatory standards do vary yet one thing is for certain, marijuana growers continue to battle the skunky-smell. Cumbersome and costly to operate carbon filters have for years been the go-to for removing pungent aromas but now there is an option. Agriair’s® eco-friendly  ionic oxidation technology continually neutralizes odors without effecting terpenes. As an added benefit, passers-by won’t follow their noses into your business, therefore protecting your investment.


In the headlines, you’ve read of the multiple recalls at commercial medical marijuana grow operations, over pesticide levels in their products. These chemicals were never meant to hurt people but still somehow became overused on a crop, leaving companies liable. Whether you chose an organic cannabis grow option or simply supplement your existing routine, Agriair® purifiers provide eco-friendly, safe and chemical-free alternative to eliminating pathogens, molds, bio-contaminants and a range of pests.

Agriair® benefits to indoor cannabis grow rooms:

• Protect high value crops from mold, pollen, and bacteria
• Maintain compliance with clean air regulations
• Creates a sanitized, energy efficient healthy grow environment
• Quick set up and maintenance free operations
• Scalable to any size operation
• Protect employees from potential bio-hazard


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