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Agriair HVAC Air and Surface Purification Systems Agriair is excited to launch a new line of products to fit your needs! Our new HVAC line will offer purifiers is easy to install with any HVAC ducting and will be  scalable to any size operation. For question or product release information, contact Agriair today. The AgriAir PG-HVAC 16 air purifier produces and distributes eco-friendly oxidizer plasma that sanitizes air, surfaces and controls odors at their source. The PG-HVAC 16  was created to cover 5,000-20,000 cubic feet of critical grow space. The friendly oxidizer plasma generated by the PHI process provides bio-protection 24/7,...

CannaCon – Seattle 2018

CannaCon, Seattle 2018 - Booth 833   If you miss us in Denver, come see us at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle, February 15th-17th at one of the nation's largest cannabis events. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!  

Indo Expo – Denver 2018

Indo Expo, Denver 2018 - Booth 128   As the leading provider of commercial grade air purifiers and surface sanitation equipment, Agriair is proud to showcase the latest in technology. Our air purification equipment features a line of products designed specifically for any size or type of indoor commercial cannabis growing, protecting crops and maximizing yield. Stop by booth 128 at the Denver Mart, January 27th - 28th, and find out how Agriair will help you to remove VOC's, odors, and crop destroying airborne bio-contaminants!