Join Us at the INDO Expo in Portland

The INDO Expo is the premier cannabis trade show with more than 300 exhibitors, dedicated to professional cannabis growers throughout the country. Exhibitors and attendees alike gather in Portland to discover new techniques and technologies, unique to the industry.

As the leading provider of commercial grade air purifiers and surface sanitation equipment, AgriAir is proud to showcase the latest in technology. Our air purification equipment features a line of products designed specifically for any size or type of indoor commercial cannabis growing, protecting crops and maximizing yield.

The legalized cannabis industry is rapidly transitioning to include the retrofitting existing warehouses, building mega high tech facilities and maintain compliance with increasing strict regulations, requiring testing for purity. To assure stringent new requirements are met, growers are successfully using AgriAir equipment to purify environments in flowering rooms, trimming, drying and packaging areas.

Stop by booth 550 at the Portland Expo Center, August 5th - 6th, and find out how AgriAir units easily remove VOC's, odors, and crop destroying airborne bio-contaminants!