Mold, Pollen and Odor Control

Mold, Pollen and Odor Control

odor control

Kills Odor + VOCs

Odors in commercial indoor gardens can be caused by cannabis plants, decay of organic matter, gases, such as benzene, formaldehyde, chloroform, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, etc. that are released from cleaning chemicals, insulation, insect sprays, material used in construction, paint, etc. The odors emitted from cannabis growing and processing can create an unhealthy environment for staff, alert others to your grow operation – a big security risk, and result in potential penalties from regulatory agencies.

AgriAir’s PCO technology offers a safe, chemical and maintenance free method of eliminating odors with extra benefits for the health of your growing environment. AgriAir Purifiers remove up to 85% of the strong odors from cannabis and other VOCs + sanitize the grow environment from mold spores, mildew, virus and bacteria.

Low Maintenance – More Cost Effective than Carbon Filtration

AgriAir purifiers reduce the cost of odor removal by destroying odors through oxidation rather than trapping them in carbon filters. Carbon filtration systems involve costly maintenance and frequent filter replacements and they only reduce odors. AgriAir with PCO technology requires maintenance only after 25,000 hours or nearly three years of continuous running. The bonus is that AgriAir equipment not only eliminates odors but also bio-contaminants that carbon filters don’t even touch.

Increase your Security

By reducing smells coming from flowering chambers, gardeners can rest assured that curious passers-by will not be alerted to a thriving indoor grow operation. AgriAir Purifiers increase the security of your operation and help growing facilities stay within legal clean air regulations that vary from state to state.

mold control

Control Mold Spores, Powdery Mildew and Bio-Contaminants

The ideal environment for cannabis to grow is also the ideal environment for mold and bacteria to grow. Mold is everywhere; an average cubic foot of air has around 100,000 mold spores. Even when you think your grow is safe, mold can appear in the last two weeks before harvest and the first few weeks after harvest.

AgriAir purifiers proactively attack and kill 97% of contaminants such as Aspergillus , powdery mildew and many other types of mold spores before they have a chance to multiply and spread from plant to plant, jump from one containment area to the other or contaminate HVAC and ventilation ducting.

Safe, Effective, and 100% Chemical Free.

AgriAir products can safely be used in occupied spaces throughout the entire grow cycle. AgriAir’s PCO technology reduces or eliminates the need for toxic chemicals or biocides that could show up on lab tests. After you have invested months of work and money in your garden, you don’t want to lose an entire crop to mold or other bio-contaminants.

pollen control

Destroy 99.99% of Pollen in Indoor Gardens

Pollination control is one of the major concerns of indoor gardeners who want to protect their female plants from pollination or going to seed. Pollen can enter your grow area from the outside air or be generated by male plants in your garden. Strong air movement which is required for the health of your plants can have the undesirable effect of transporting pollen.

AgriAir machines are capable of destroying up to 99.99% of airborne pollen through our advanced PCO process This method deactivates the DNA of pollen, removing the possibility of cross-pollination and ruin of your crop. Some AgriAir units include HEPA filtration that trap 99.99% of all pollen grains and particulates as small as .3µm in size.